Hi Folks!  Well, 2022 is here and there is lots to talk about.  I am happy to report that the club had a very good year last year.  Membership is up, important positions are filled, and we had the first National Convention since the pandemic hit us.  Tha convention was in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in conjunction with Corvettes at Carlisle. (See the entire run-down by clicking "2021 Convention" in the menu on the left.)  And speaking of coventions, we will be heading out west this year to beautiful Carson City, Nevada!  On top of that we will ride a steam locomotive train to historic Virginia City.  The convention is timed to allow participants to also take in Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada.  In addition, we will be close to beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Want more information? Simply click on "2022 Convention" in the menu on the left.

But The Corvette phenomenon all started in 1953 with the first Corvette, yes, a solid axle.



We are the Solid Axle Corvette Club and our only duty is to serve those who own and/or appreciate the earliest Corvettes - the solid axle cars from 1953 to 1962.  So click through and enjoy our website.  Be sure to check our Membership page. 

Also, we have a panel of experts that answer technical questions, and at no charge, no less.  If you have a question, you might browse through the questions and answers and you may just find a solution to the vexing problem that is on your mind.  On the menu on the left, just click on "Technical Help" if you wish to ask a question, simply follow the instructions.  We try to answer the question as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out the chapters page also.  We have great active chapters.

So enjoy the ride...make sure every mile is a smile.



Remember, if it wern't for Zora, there would be no Corvettes.








Jack "Doc" Hollada (Holiday)
email: sacc-website-editor@solidaxle.org

It is super easy to join the Solid Axle Corvette Club!  Simply click on "New Member Application", found on the menu on the left.


  Remember, stay wrapped in plastic fantastic...See ya at the events...Jack "Doc" Hollada.