AUGUST 24-26, 2023

Wow, here is a great view of our reserved area at Corvettes At Carlisle.  The main gate is actually Gate 3, and the first thing the participants see as they come in is our display....a gas station from back in the day.

The two gas pumps look authentic, it looks like we have a service bay, the works.

The large tent served as a meeting spot, a SACC clothing sales store, plus a respite with ice cold water. 

And as you can see the weather really cooperated!  (We must be doing something right.)

I took this picture during vendor set-up day.  That area on the right that looks empty did not stay empty by the next day. 







And this is the crew that set up the gas station.  (L to R) Jack Hollada, club president, Larry Spilman, past president, and Tom Barnes, Eastern Regional Representative.

As we all know there always seems to be a hitch when doing any project.  Setting up these gas pumps was no different.  BUT, it only took one trip to Home Depot to get it up and running.  I know, amazing.









This year Corvettes At Carlisle added something new.  Each club got to select their Champion.  Our champion was Scott Kohn, from Corvette Central.  Think about it.... who has done the most to keep these old cars running?  Hands down Corvette Central.


(L to R) Larry Spilman, Past President, Scott Kohn of Corvette Central, Jack Hollada, Club President, and Mary Rae Brockhouse, Club Secretary.


I spoke to Scott several times during the event and he was delighted to have been chosen.  Part of the honors for the Club Champion was to have an exalted spot in the parade.   Sadly, I was on the crew to take down the "gas station" and missed all the pageantry.  Such is life.







Many, many club members were in attendance.  Here you see Frank and Adam Buck.  They have owned this car for over 10 years, a sweet venetian red example.












There were many, many nice cars in attendance.  Note these cars that were in the primo
parking area in front of our "gas station".











(L to R)  Adam, Laura, and Glenn Ford. 

Their cars were above spectacular.  Plus they were eager to help us later when it became time
to pack up the "gas station", supplies, etc.  A Big Thank You for the help!









Here is a better look at this family's cars.











The Honchos from Bow-Tie were there to describe the features of the new E-Ray.

It did look nice.









And here are the shop-keepers.  Actually the bosses.

(L to R) Gerri Hollada, Leslie Barnes, and Mary Rae Brockhouse.  At this event we can only sell clothing.  Those are the rules.  Anyway, we had great sales and made money for the club.









The Mid-Atlantic Chapter held their annual meeting on the Friday afternoon there under the tent.  And why not...everybody is already there anyway.

Chapter president Bob Cook stepped down as Chapter President and was awarded a very nice plaque for his service.

(L to R) Bob Cook and Maureen Strazdon.











That's my run-down of the events at Corvettes at Carlisle.  Our participation in Corvettes At Carlisle is a National club event, and our presence there goes way, way back many years.  We interacted and conversed with our members, we sold logo clothing merchandise to both members and the public at large.  We signed new members plus renewals so it was win-win all the way around.  Many thanks to past president Larry Spilman.  He is the care-taker for the "gas station" equipment.  He was the foreman for the set-up.  He had previously had the gas pumps and the exterior "walls" refurbished. 

Going that extra mile of having the "gas station" replica keeps us in good graces with Corvettes At Carlisle's management.  That in turn keeps us enjoying the primo spot on the field (even though other clubs want it).  That in turn helps our club's visibility plus the logo clothing sales; plus the new memberships and the renewals.

I should mention that the tents are rentals, but since we have such a good turn-out, we get the tent comped.  (So when you register be sure to add that you are part of the club.)