2019 Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention

August 13-17, 2019


The Michigan Chapter announces that a beautiful photo book that covers the
entire convention is available.  This is a one of a kind photo book that has been
compiled by David Ruby and is a must-have for those who attended and enjoyed
the convention and also for those who have never attended a Solid Axle convention
and wonder what they have been missing!  This is a hard bound book using the
very best quality paper.  You will love this book!


Just click on the picture for all the details.




The 2019 Convention had headquarters at the Embassy Suites in Livonia, Michigan.  The rooms were nice, the breakfast was terrific, and all had a good time.  Here is a run-down of the activities:

August 13

Here's the room where we checked in.  On duty were Paul and Cheryl Lemieux, they had the check in procedure down to a science.  

Checking in is Mary Rae Brockhouse.










First off was the Board meeting.  (L to R) Bill Stalder, Lucy Badenhoop, Brad Bean, Bruce Fuhrman, and Ron Dill.   Not shown is Jack Hollada, because I am taking the picture.











After the Board meeting the Chapters meeting was held.












Next up was the informal outdoor bar-b-que.  This was a nice touch, we were
in the secure parking area, enjoying the nice weather with the buffet style bar-b-que 

Probably everyone coming and going could smell the bar-b-que, but sorry, it was
just for us.






And I caught up with Dave and Sue Ruby.  They have owned this '57 for twenty years.











And one of my Texas buddies was enjoying the bar-b-que.  Dennis Conte related to me
that he had a leisurely 3 day drive to the convention in his oh so sweet '61 Jewell Blue.











And actually not all those in attendance were of the human species.  On the left is
Barb Rosenberg and on the right is Ira Rosenberg.  In the middle is Haley.











They didn't walk to the convention, rather they motored over in this nice Sateen Silver 
that they have owned for 24 years.











And Steve Springer proudly drove his 1960 Horizon Blue 383 stroker.
He has had the car since 1963.











And time goes by when you are having fun, so it is a little later, the sun was setting.
Here are Tom and Suzanna Gamache with their Polo white '54.  They have
owned this car since 1999.










August 14:


As I mentioned, the breakfasts were terrific.

Here is the dining area with lots of Solid-Axlers enjoying their dining experience.











Time for Technical Sessions!



















John Perette kicked off the sessions with a hands on presentation about Muncie and T-10











Seriously, it was hands on.












Then Werner Meier presented a very useful session on lubricants
and maintenance.











Up next... a C-1 convoy to Lingenfelter!












And in a short while later we were at the Lingenfelter collection!












We had lunch right there in a space in the collection!  Here you see Mr. Lingenfelter
welcoming us and presenting information about his business and the collection.











Not just any 1953 Corvette.

I superimposed the information on that placard.

This is a one-of-a-kind.










And this one is the prototype for the 265 V8.












Note the shark fin headlight bezel on this 1954.












This is one of one.  It is the 1955 Duntov test mule, the world's first high 
performance Corvette.











This '57 fuelie is one of only 240 built.












Collection Assistant Josh Stiegman helped give me insight regarding the entire collection.













The next place to welcome us was Pratt and Miller!  Yes, racing Pratt and Miller.

Photography past the showroom was strictly prohibited.  


Suffice it to say that it was a one of a kind experience, totally fantastic.











And I try to never pass up an opportunity to meet the famous.

This is Mr. Pratt allowing a photo-op.













And this should prove that they liked us!


Our guide took the picture!

















August 15


Kicking the day off was Alex Rapanos from Hagerty Insurance.


He gave an interesting presentation on C-1 valuation and trends.










Then Jerry Kohn from Corvette Central had a session on aftermarket products to
improve safety and driveability.











Next John Dingman of DeWitt Radiators gave a talk on radiator types and coolant issues.











(L to R)  Bill Huffman, Michigan Chapter President, John Dingman, DeWitt Radiators, 
Jerry Kohn, Corvette Central, and Brad Bean, SACC President.








Next - a bus ride to the GM Heritage Center.


This facility is not open the the public.  The Michigan Chapter pulled some strings to get us in this facility.

And it was worth the effort!









Right there in the middle was the C-8.

Needless to say it brought a crowd.











There has to be Cadillacs!












Stephanie, the assistant director, gave us insight on the special historical cars they have
 on display at the Heritage Center.











She noted that the 1984 Corvette was a milestone.












They had to have a '59 Caddy.












And here's our excursion boat for our guided ride on the Detroit River.

Note the beautiful sky!  This was a wonderful discovery boat ride on the scenic and beautiful Detroit River.











And take a look at these relaxed tourists enjoying the river scene from
the top deck.














And this picture will give you an idea of the river scenes we totally enjoyed.









This is the Ambassador Bridge, connecting Detroit with Windsor, Ontario.











August 16


And look at these tourists running towards the Henry Ford complex.

As you can see, another beautiful day.

How do you describe the Henry Ford complex experience?  Choices, choices.
We decided on the Greenfield Village and we were not disappointed!









It is difficult to describe Greenfield Village, but I will note that Henry had structures relocated to there.

This is a picture of the Wright Brothers childhood home in Dayton, Ohio.  In my opinion the most
important thing about this room is the fact that Orville Wright's guitar is seen there behind the rocking chair.










And here you see Central Regional Representative Jack Hollada showing
off his non-existent machinist skills.

But after following guidance from the actual machinist, the little brass candlestick
holder turned out nice..










This is Henry Ford's boyhood home.

It was actually only moved about three miles from it's original location
to be in the Greenfield Village.










Our banquet held in the hotel's Regency Room.


It was a great dinner!










The guest speaker was Josh Holder, Corvette Assistant Engineer.


The topic - the all new Corvette C-8.  Josh was in on it from the very beginning.









The banquet was followed by the Annual Membership Meeting.  At the meeting Larry Spilman was elected Vice President.  The Treasurer/Membership, Eastern Regional Representative and the Central Regional Representative were all re-elected.  President Brad Bean announced that the 2020 Convention will be held at Carlisle, Pennsylvania during and in conjunction with Corvettes at Carlisle.  The host hotel will be the Allenbery Resort in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania.  Dates are August 26-29, 2020.

The Michigan Chapter was in the driver's seat at this convention and they did a fantastic job.  I can't say enough on how great this convention was.

And did I mention security?  Look at the picture at the right.  They meant business.

The Michigan Chapter arranged nighttime security for the entire duration of the
convention plus an extra day for those who chose to stay and enjoy the festivities
of the Woodward Dream Cruise.

The Woodward Dream Cruise was the very next day after the convention
had concluded with the banquet and membership meeting.  It was perfect timing.

The Michigan Chapter also arranged for really good Technical Session speakers, and as I 
mentioned, some were hands on.  Everyone who attended came out of the room knowing
more about coolants, they learned about aftermarket products that enhance the riding experience and
safety.  We learned about the evolution of radiator configurations during the C-1 production
run, noting the pros and cons.  Also we learned about replacement radiators.  We learned
Muncie and T-10 pros and cons.

In short, the Michigan Chapter did a really great job.  Hats off to them!

I have said it before...if you missed it, you really missed it!