AUGUST 19-21, 2008

To those who attended, didn't we have a great time?
For those who couldn't make it, here's a run-down of the festivities.


Before things got officially underway, here
is a shot of the line of C-1's in the designated
parking area on the Sheraton Hotel grounds.








And here's the opposite view.  Our digs at the
Sheraton was world class, it was nice 













The convention kicked off with an informal
reception with a light supper.  Everyone got
to talk to their friends who they haven't seen
in quite a while, maybe a year, anyway.

The food was just great, but there was more..







The theme was "Wear what they wore
when the cars were made."

Here's a pair of bobby socks with a 
pair of Keds that a lovely lady agreed
to let me photograph.

But that's not all...






There was a DJ playing tunes from that
era, and a photographer who took
portraits.  All part of the package.







It's August 20, 8AM, time to get rolling.
Heres' SACC VP Brad Bean prepping
his super nice '60 for the road trip.

Under the heading of "It never hurts
to ask," I got to ride shotgun/navigator.







Hail, Hail, the gang' all here.
Getting ready to head out to Lance 
Miller's (Carlisle Events) garage, right
by the Carlisle Events Fairgrounds in
nearby Carlisle, PA.







Here's the line-up for the tour.  Note
the precision that seems to be innate
for C-1 drivers.








The day was perfect, and we drove the
scenic Pennsylvania countryside.








We made a stop at the East End
Market and Deli at Alinda,






This will give you an idea of the beauty we









Check out this spectacular view.











Now we're at the Carlisle Fairgrounds
and lined up right inside gate 3, so
who comes out to greet us...








Lance Miller guided us to his nearby garage,
and what a tour it was..











Lance had the famous Purple
People Eater on the
driveway.  It probably could have made
a good commercial for Midas Mufflers,
and probably Lance's neighbors have 
heard an exhaust sound a time or
two over the years.






You may not remember Sheb Wooley's
hit song, the Purple People Eater, but it was
a monster hit in the 50's.  Lance had a couple
of stuffed one eyed, one horned flyin' purple 
people eaters riding shotgun.






Lance welcomed us to his garage, gave 
some background information.








There was plenty to talk about.  In this garage
there are nine cars on the ground, and nine
on lifts.







Here's a partial view of the cars and the 









There were C-1's on the ground floor
and on the upper deck.









Not too many '53's around.
This is # 181.











This is the #3 '60 car that 
finished first in class at Le Mans.









SACC VP Brad Bean presented
Lance with a plaque in recognition of
our gratitude for rolling out the red








Meanwhile, back at the ranch, and after
lunch, Bruce Fuhrman described a preview of
next year's convention to be held at
Ventura, California.








Larry Pearson held a tech session on
C-1 wiring.  The message was simple - 
if you have a grounding problem, it
ain't gonna work.








SACC President Max Brockhouse
opens the business meeting.













SACC Secretary Lucy Badenhoop
reported taht there are 1,162 members.
The officer's election was held, and Lucy
and Max were re-elected by unanimous
















Then that evening there
was a classy banquet.











The guest speaker was Bill Miller, co-founder
of Corvettes at Carlisle.  Here you see
(L to R) your tireless website editor, and Bill
Miller, and SACC Pres. Max Brockhouse.

Bill spoke of how Corvettes at Carlisle
came to be.  Basically it was one thing
leading to another, and the pieces working
out just right.






MASACC had appreciation
plaques for those who were
instrumental in having the
convention coming out the
great way it did.  Here you see
(L to R) Paul Cantinella,
John Batista, Ron Dill,
Mike Boyer, and Ron
Whitmoyer.  They were the
kingpins who got it all






Now it is August 21, and we have road toured to the AACA
Museum in Hershey, PA.
Ron Dill rode up the lift to take
this fantastic picture.







We were split into two guided tour groups,
our tour guide was Tom Oliver.  He knew
his stuff, too.















Ford was doing boxy cars, meanwhile,
check out this '37 Caddy.










It's tail fins and drive-in movie.
This is America.









No auto museum is complete with out
an early solid axle.

I get along great with Cadillacs, so I had
to snap this pic of a '59 ragtop.








But it wasn't just cars, it was busses, too.









If you saw the movie Forrest Gump, you
saw Forrest waiting on the bench while this
very bus went by.








There was lots more to see, but how's this
for a conclusion.  What could be more fitting
than a luncheon in the garage and work
area of an auto museum.  I think the museum
people know us only too well.






So that's a condensed run-down of the events at the 2008 Solid Axle Corvette Club Convention.  The
Mid-Atlantic Chapter did a great, great job setting up this convention.

PS. This was after the convention, but it was big, so I am putting the picture here..
(L to R) Mike Musso, Karen Musso,
Lance Miller, Judy Miller.  The silent
auction at the convention was a hit, I came
home with a great item, and it also generated
the funds for this donation to the Chip Miller
Charitable Foundation for $3,000.  As you
can see, the recipients of this contribution were
pretty happy.