2006 National Convention Highlights


July 31, 2006.  Things got underway with a welcome
reception.  Here old friends got together for snacks
and visiting.





August 1, 2006.  The day starts with tech sessions.
John Kennedy
soft top
information.  He used samples to make the information more easily undersood.





SACC President Noland Adams welcomes Joe
Calcagno to the microphone.  Joe discussed the
changes made in the 1956 Corvette.









Larry Pearson presented information
on the qualities and advantages of
silicon brake fluid.







Larry Richter presented information on how to
prepare for NCRS judging.







Noland Adams, SACC President, led the
Membership meeting.  A bombshell was
laid when Noland related that he would
not seek re-election.






8-2-06.  Our day kicked off with a road tour through
beautiful Northern California Gold Rush country.  Here
you see the line-up.  The participants were chomping at
the bit to get going.






Our first stop was at Downieville in the gold rush
area.  You can see for yourself how beautiful
this area is.








Here you see C1's parked at Downieville.  In
the distance behind the vettes is the Visitor
Center.  The cars got many admiring








Next stop - the longest covered bridge in the US.  It spans
the Yuba river.






Then later on it was the banquet.  Let's set the scene -
when you looked out the windows on the right side of
the picture you were looking at Lake Tahoe.  It was a
great facility.






The music was provided by your tireless
website guy.












The presidential gavel had gone from Noland to
Max Brockhouse.


SACC Secretary Lucy Badenhoop, who set up the
whole convention, supervised the door prizes.










August 3, 2006

Far left: John Yde points to where he hit
a deer on the
road tour.

Left: Marty
Meckler shows
his drag racin'
'62 to fellow

Noland Adams and Bob Pinkney go over
C-1 details.







Here's Vicki and Rick Johnson.  I wasn't sure if
Vicki was wanting money or car keys.







Bob Brown's sn#48 '59 is a show winner
multiple times.







Bob Lewis drove his nice '57.  He has owned this car
for 11 years, it has won several awards in his home state
of California.







Far left: Don
Jiran shows
the window
sticker for his

Left: Mike
McCloskey gets ready for
the Shine 'n


Well, that is a pictorial overview of the 2006 SACC convention in Truckee, California.  More in-depth coverage
will be found in the club's quarterly magazine, "On Solid Ground."  It was a great convention.  SACC Secretary
Lucy Badenhoop did a tremendous job setting up a wonderful convention.  Thanks, Lucy!!


Click on the picture of attendees for a complete
compilation of the minutes of the Chapters
Board meeting, the National Board meeting,
and the Annual Members meeting.