2005 SACC Convention, August 23-25.
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August 23rd.

8-23-05-entrance-to-pa-ballroom-600.jpg (76371 bytes)August 23rd.  Time to enter the Pennsylvania Ballroom 
to get registered.


8-25-05-parking-garage-600.jpg (57694 bytes)The parking garage was just for us.
It this way too cool? Yes.

8-23-05-JoAnn-Battista-Marsha-Schraml-600.jpg (70123 bytes) Here to make sure you are lined up for a great convention
are JoAnn Battista and Marsha Schraml.


8-23-05-reception-line-600.jpg (92488 bytes)There were really tasty goodies to snack on.
Here's the line for the reception snacks.


8-23-05-john-hain-500.jpg (90446 bytes)John Hain provided us with live music.
There were awards for best and
worst Hawaiian shirt.



8-23-05-noland-signing-usps-posters-500.jpg (93736 bytes)SACC President Noland Adams was present
to autograph posters of the USPS stamp
that features his #284 '53.



8-23-05-robert-festing-corfu-ny-500.jpg (56794 bytes)Attending from Corfu New York was
Robert Festing.



August 24th.


8-24-05-weapons-lecture-brad-600.jpg (93991 bytes)It's 8-24-05.  The day kicked off with a highly
informative talk by Brad Bean on the weapons of the Civil


8-24-05-line-up-for-g'burg-f-600.jpg (65085 bytes)Next it was time to line up for the road tour
to historic Gettysburg.


8-24-05-g'burg-tour-pkg-500.jpg (105387 bytes)Here's a look at our private parking


8-24-05-tour-bus-little-round-top-600.jpg (111512 bytes)The SACC board of directors inspected this bus
and made sure it was solid axle before they let
us board.


8-24-05-little-round-top-observers-600.jpg (92091 bytes)Here's the conventioneers at the observation point
at Little Round Top.


8-24-05-banquet-reception-600.jpg (97534 bytes)We made it back in one piece and soon enough it was
banquet time.  Here's a view of the reception just before
the banquet.  In front are Mark Brennan and Larry
Richter, SACC treasurer.

8-24-05-banquet-buffet-line-600.jpg (99460 bytes)Here's the buffet line for the banquet.  Just check out the desserts 
and you will get an idea of just how fancy the dining was.


8-24-05-banquet-diners-600.jpg (56395 bytes)Here's some of the diners.


8-24-05-banquet-brad-podium-500.jpg (60536 bytes)Brad Bean, past president of the MASACC chapter, put the
whole thing together.



8-24-05-jerry-kohn-500.jpg (73853 bytes)Guest speaker was Jerry Kohn, CEO of
Corvette Central.




8-24-05-jerry-kohn-award-noland-500.jpg (60421 bytes)In appreciation Jerry received this award...



8-24-05-jerry-kohn-gift-500.jpg (85729 bytes) ...and an NOS insert for a 1967 L88 with factory side pipes. (Rare, only one known to exist)




8-24-05-bev-kohn-at-podium-m-500.jpg (63823 bytes)President Noland Adams presents our good friend
Bev Kohn with a key fob that has "The Boss"
inscribed on it.  When Noland has telephone
conversations with Bev, he says something like,
"Good, I'm talking to the Boss."  Bev was 
obviously surprised by this gift.

8-24-05-so-cal-chapter-banner-600.jpg (70659 bytes)There were two new chapters to recognize.  First up -
Southern California.  Holding the banner is John Costales,
Bruce Furhman, Noland Adams, and Max Brockhouse.

8-25-05-az-baner-john-randolph-sherry-mcreynolds-600.jpg (67914 bytes)Ok, I'm jumping ahead.  This is the Arizona Chapter Banner.  Holding up the banner are
John Randolph, Sherry McReynolds, Lucy Badenhoop, and Max Brockhouse.

8-24-05-lucy-at-podium-500.jpg (86034 bytes)SACC Secretary Lucy Badenhoop presented information for the




8-24-05-brad-award-500.jpg (87132 bytes)Here's MASACC President John Battista presenting convention
chairman Brad Bean with an award for an outstanding job.




August 25th.

8-25-05-greg-colletti-fi-units-500.jpg (109435 bytes)It was tech sessions in the morning.  This is
Greg Colletti giving hands-on FI information.




8-25-05-tech-session-jim-stuempfle-600.jpg (71877 bytes)There was classroom sessions too.  Pictured is Jim
Stuempfle on restoration process.  Tom Maxwell and
SACC Treasurer Larry Richter also lectured.


8-25-05-noland-tuning carbs-54-600.jpg (90284 bytes)But it wasn't all indoors.  Here's Noland Adams showing
how to tune the carbs on a '54.  This is MASACC President
John Battista's car.


8-25-05-in-nolands-53-600.jpg (88425 bytes)Now its' time to head on over to Corvettes at Carlisle.
Ok, I'm grandstanding here.  I got to ride with Noland in his
USPS  famous '53.  This was way too cool.  Thanks

8-25-05-outlet-mall-bus-600.jpg (99576 bytes)Many attendees went on a field trip to the outlet mall
in Reading Pa.

8-25-05-noland-stamp-poster-signing-600.jpg (85853 bytes)With a tremendous courtesy from Corvette Central, Noland
got writer's cramp from signing autographs of the USPS
poster of the stamp that features his '53, #284.


August 26th.


8-26-05-sacc-tent-aerial-view-600.jpg (98461 bytes)Here's an aerial view of the SACC tent and display area right
inside Gate 3.



8-26-05-view-from-grandstand-600.jpg (91346 bytes)And here's the view from the grandstand.  The SACC tent
is the green and white one in front of the Subway restaurant
in the far distance.

8-26-05-al-ann-schwacke-55-display-600.jpg (106603 bytes)The '55's were the feature display.  This rare copper '55
is owned by SACC members Al and Ann Schwacke.


8-26-05-diane-coffee-in-62-600.jpg (70971 bytes)There were C-1's for sale in the For Sale Corrall.  Here you
see Diane Coffee of Coffee's Sports and Classics in a nice


8-26-05-atlantic-city-girls-kerbeck-600.jpg (82222 bytes)There were other ladies present, too.  With the Kerbeck Chevrolet display
was this Atlantic City presentation.


8-26-05-mid-america-mbna-ap-booth-perrie-600.jpg (75287 bytes)The Mid-America MBNA Application booth was capably manned
by Perrie.  You may recognize Perrie, she is a model in the catalogs.

8-26-05-c5r-600.jpg (112942 bytes)You could get a close-up view of the C-5R.



8-26-05-tour-tram-600.jpg (89186 bytes)It's a lot of walking.  Many choose to take this
"solid-axle" tram.

8-26-05-sacc-tent-items-for-sale-600.jpg (100504 bytes)Meanwhile, the SACC tent is open for business.
Selling merchandise was (L to R) Doc Hollada (well
sometimes, anyway, SACC VP Max Brockhouse, and
Tony Larson.

8-27-05-celebrity-judge-winner-600.jpg (80288 bytes)Our own SACC VP Max Brockhouse was a celebrity judge. 
This is the car he selected, hmmmm, a C-1.  Surprised? Not.


8-25-05-cascade-green-'60-600.jpg (86232 bytes)And let me leave you with this..this was the first car you saw in the featured display.
This cascade green '60 was a chart-topper.


Well, that was a pictorial run-down of the convention and some of the sights at Corvettes at Carlisle.
No doubt there was plenty of things that I missed.  I missed a few photo-ops that I regretted later.
Everyone agreed that this was a great convention that ran smoothly.  Congratulations to Brad Bean and
the MASACC chapter.  They did a great job.  This was the first time that a chapter has put on the
national convention, and it will be a tough act to follow. 

Next year...we're heading out west to the gold rush area of Truckee, California.  Right on the heels of the convention
you can enjoy Hot August Nights, just a half hour's drive away in Reno, Nevada.  See ya there!

Jack "Doc" Hollada