Welcome to the Solid Axle Corvette Club!  Now that we have added the online option, joining is easy!  Our members enjoy many benefits, including local chapter events, our great National Convention,

Plus our award winning quarterly print magazine, "On Solid Ground".
You will find many features, including
     -Free member's ads
     -Member's cars
     -President's Message
     -Racing Solid Axles
     -SACC Chapter Reports
     -Six Cylinder Corner
     -The Willet Run Garage
     -Current articles


*Note* You do not have to own a solid axle Corvette (or any Corvette) to join.  You only have to have an appreciation for these early Corvettes.

When you click the "BUY" button, the transaction goes automatically to the PayPal secure site.  You can pay by Paypal Account or by your credit card. 

Annual dues are:
UNITED STATES:      $47.00,  ($45.00 plus online convenience fee of $2.00 which covers the club's transaction fee that we have to pay).
CANADA:                  $59.00,  ($55.00 plus online convenience fee of $4.00 which covers the club's higher costs plus higher transaction fee).
INTERNATIONAL:   $69.00,  ($65.00 plus online convenience fee of $4.00 which covers the club's even higher costs plus higher transaction fee).

You will need to provide:

     -Phone number
     -email address
     -Co-Applicant name (if any)

-Enter "Roster Yes" if you wish to be included in the Membership Roster. 
The Roster goes out to all the members.  It includes State, City, Last Name,
First Name, phone number and whether you agree to be called for assistance
by another club member who is experiencing trouble on the road.

The idea behind the road assistance program is simply to help a fellow member
who may be traveling in an unfamiliar area and needs help.

The Roster only includes the members who elect to be included
and listed in the publication.

The publication only goes out to the members of the club, not the general public.


*NOTE*  Please fill in the two boxes before you click the "BUY" button
Roster Yes?No
Phone Number